I'm a writer and book lover, always have been. I've seven published books, a track record as an editor, mentor and proofreader, and I'm available to support writers who want their work to be the best it can be. My first poetry collection, This Dust, was published by Soundswrite Press in March 2017. 

Currently I'm running creative writing workshops in Rothley and Leicester.

Two bits of news - Bloomsbury are publishing a new edition of Breaking the Rules, with a new cover and illustrations.

And I'll be facilitating a WEA course called Literature: Poetry Appreciation – 101 Sonnets and more, based on Don Paterson's sonnet anthology. 6 Mondays 10 -12 from 9/4/2018. C2339097 Gorse Covert, Maxwell Drive, Loughborough.

Vintage and Closer. Two books you can't put down. Available from Waterstone's, Amazon and good independent bookshops like Kibworth Bookshop. And now available as e-books. Published by Five Leaves

For  reviews of Closer in Books for Keeps and Chicklish:

"An uncomfortable but gripping story, beautifully told." Chicklish

 "Sensitive simplicity and authenticity" - Books for Keeps.

The books are usually labelled Young Adult novels, but they're read by adults too.

This Dust is available from http://www.soundswritepress.co.uk for £6.50 including p&p. Also from Amazon.

There's a review of This Dust here:

'The poems are absolutely stunning - with an astonishing impact. They actually kept me awake half the night after my first reading - I'm having to plan the second one with care!'

'What struck me was an overpowering sense of grabbing hold of every single moment with the people I love and cherish and keeping a tight hold on it - it was a physical reaction, one of panic almost, like hearing a storm warning and needing to get my house in order ready for it.'  Anne Holloway.