I'm a writer and book lover, always have been. I've six published books, a track record as an editor, mentor and proofreader, and I'm available to support writers who want their work to be the best it can be. You can dip into my books on this page, and explore more in the rest of the site. My first poetry collection, This Dust, will be published by Soundswrite Press in March.

Vintage and Closer. Two books you can't put down. Available from Waterstone's, Amazon and good independent bookshops like Kibworth Bookshop. And now available as e-books. Published by Five Leaves

For  reviews of Closer in Books for Keeps and Chicklish:

"An uncomfortable but gripping story, beautifully told." Chicklish

 "Sensitive simplicity and authenticity" - Books for Keeps.

The books are usually labelled Young Adult novels, but they're read by adults too.

This Dust will be available from all the usual channels - and from http://www.soundswritepress.co.uk for £6.50 including p&p.

Launch party - Saturday April 1 at the Secular Hall, Leicester, 2.30-4.30. Everyone welcome.