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Posted by Maxine Linnell on Wednesday, June 9, 2010

REVIEW: Vintage by Maxine Linnell

Vintage2 Review by Luisa.

Holly and Marilyn are teenage girls with different home lives. When something weird happens and they find that they've swapped bodies, there's an additional complication: they live in the same house, but Holly lives in 2010... and Marilyn lives in 1962. Now their lives have completely changed and the people around them are strangers who act like they know them. How will either girl cope in such an unfamiliar decade?

I love body swap stories, and I was excited about reading one with a time-travel twist. I thought 1962 was a very interesting choice of year to set half of the story. I always think of the sixties as being a time of great social change, but of course this all starts after 1962. For example, the Beatles released their first album in 1963, and the "summer of love" was in 1967. Maxine Linnell's website links to a great article with more details about this time period and its significance.

I really liked the character of Marilyn, the girl from 1962, and I admired the way she threw herself into Holly's life even if the adjustments seemed huge to her initially. She was sweet but she also had real spirit, and I enjoyed seeing 2010 from her point of view. I also loved Kyle, Holly's 2010 best friend, a boy who's not afraid to be himself. The girl from 2010, Holly, was a lively character and her tough, impatient qualities provided an interesting contrast with the meeker Marilyn. The plot developments in both alternating sides of the story were always entertaining. I also enjoyed the way certain minor characters took on greater role as the novel progressed.

There are some brilliant descriptions in this book of the way that both worlds look to an outsider. I particularly enjoyed the scenes where the two girls have nights out, and the way that 'going to a club' means something entirely different in the two decades.

A fascinating story of two very different teen lives.

Review by Luisa

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