Lift off!

Posted by Maxine Linnell on Saturday, May 15, 2010
Vintage was launched on Thursday. Over 80 people turned up, it was a great atmosphere and the nostalgic food fomr 1962 disappeared in no time. We had dairylea sandwiches (cut square of course), pineapple and cheese on sticks, sauage rolls, cheese straws and a collection of biscuits and cakes from the period, including a wonderful victoria sponge. Then there was Vimto and ginger beer, cream soda and dandelion and burdock. The music flowed, and there was lots of laughter.

I was overwhelmed at the number of people who came to support - and at the queue of people who wanted their copy signing. Something I'd never thought would happen was going on. Huge thanks to everyone who made it happen.

I had the first comments back the very next day.

"I read the book all the way home on the train and bus and finished it in bed - I think it is brilliant.  There is a great deal of nuance in it and you create the scenes in an economical way which nevertheless makes them vivid in my mind."

"Wonderful and fascinating. Fingers crossed for ongoing success. It would make a fab film."

These are from friends, of course, but I'm so delighted that they read it, and like it!

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blog comments powered by Disqus