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Posted by Maxine Linnell on Monday, May 17, 2010
"I like to read something that I'm enjoying in short bursts and savour it, but I found as I reached the middle of Vintage that I couldn't put it down, because I wanted to find out what happened next to each character - and almost resented having to switch to the other one at the end of each section, with the same feeling when I got to the end of that bit, and so on.
Thinking about it afterwards, you have got the "feel" of the two periods, and the feelings too! And there was a great mix of humour, incident and tension/suspense. And well-plotted, with a cast of minor characters all of whom were relevant to the plot - I didn't notice at the time, when "in" the story, but looking back they are used economically, very carefully dove-tailed in and have lives of their own."

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