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Posted by Maxine Linnell on Saturday, June 19, 2010
Just out - another review! in Un:Bound by Hagelrat...
Also an interview in Left Lion  - thanks for all this, Adele...
Vintage – Maxine Linnell

Pub: Five Leaves

Length: 148 pages

I have reviewed this for Left Lion but wanted to expand on those comments. Also my interview with Maxine is up on Left Lion now.

Holly and Marilyn are both seventeen, on the cusp of adulthood and making decisions about university, dealing with their families and all the things that matter at that age. During a road accident they swap bodies, which is a problem in itself, the bigger problem, Holly is seventeen in 2010, Marilyn was seventeen back in 1962.

Marilyn has only Holly’s best friend Kyle to help her through the adjustment to 2010 living with it’s sudden freedom’s and dangers, while Holly is back in 1962 dealing with Marilyn’s.

Although the girls live in very different times and have different characters there are enough points of commonality to allow them to begin to understand each other as they try to figure out how to get their lives back. More importantly they each begin to understand themselves. Maxine has a real feel for the things that matter to these girls and the differences between the era’s, leaving her leads and her readers unsure which age really has more to offer.

Vintage is beautifully written, immediately accessible without talking down to the young adult audience and with plenty to offer older readers too. There is a rich sense of time offered by subtle details in speech and interactions as well as the more obvious changes over time. The parrallel’s provided by the girls living in the same house means the differences can be shown quietly but clearly, without shouting about the technological changes.

A real pleasure to read and something a little bit different from the usual offerings aimed at young adults.

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