The poetry collection is now well-launched, and there are more readings to come. There have already been extra printings to cover the sales. 

Review in London Grip

Rothley Community Library

I couldn't help it - I got seriously involved in the plans to keep Rothley Library open since I moved here. I do the communications and some events, and you can check out what we're doing on the website or on the Facebook page. 


Jess from Nottingham wrote me a lovely letter  about reading Vintage  - here's an extract:

‘Vintage’ is my favourite book, In fact it has inspired me to write my own but it was just like copy write so that failed and the language that you use in the book it seems that Holly is real and when I read it she comes alive and hops out the book! 

Thanks, Jess!

Two more reviews, in Carousel and the Book Bag - which gave Closer 4 1/2 stars!

Closer, Vintage and Breaking the Rules are now available as e-books.

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