I have years of experience of working with writers, I'm a tutor with Writing East Midlands, and a reader for The Literary Consultancy. I edited a bimonthly psychology magazine for ten years, doing developmental editing, copy-editing and proofreading. I love helping to make writing the best it can be. 

I successfully completed a formal course in proofreading with the Publishing Training Centre, and a course in editing with the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, and I'm available as a freelance proofreader, editor and consultant. The Society for Editors and Proofreaders has accepted me as a Professional member. I'm experienced in working with fiction, memoir,poetry and psychology material. Please contact me for more details, and to discuss your project.

I'm happy to look at a 5,000 word sample and give you a quotation, with no obligation.  It feels fairer to give a quote having seen the amount of work that's needed, so I don't give quotes without that. I also need to be sureIcanhelp. 

Latest feedback from an author whose memoir and novel I have just edited:

'Maxine has added tremendous value to the projects I have requested her support on. Going ‘author blind’ and in need of an enhanced proofread, Maxine responded quickly, with a competitive quote, and – more importantly for me – with a worked response to the samples I sent her. Maxine combines an eye for detail and a zero tolerance for errors with a constructive critical challenge on aspects of the text which it is easy for an author to gloss over. This support was invaluable. Without Maxine’s flexibility, speed of turnaround, and honesty of feedback I wouldn’t have been able to publish what and when I did. Thank you.'

This feedback came from a client who arranged a critique through The Literary Consultancy:

'Her insights, thoughtfulness and help are invaluable. She has an uncanny way of coaching that gets to the heart of the matter, yet allows you to take her small example and run with it throughout the book. She's truly amazing.' Gary Santorella. 

'Maxine was incredibly useful. Her general approach is to lead you in the right direction with her wealth of experience and then let you go and explore. She's full of encouragement but won't let you get away with mistakes. Her criticism is always constructive. She's meticulous and very, very thorough. I had some terrible habits of which I had no idea. By session two these were being addressed. Maxine's manner is calm, but her attention to detail is fierce. She taught me how to go about writing in a punchier, tighter way. Her knowledge and expertise with the craft of the novel is obvious and I learnt such a lot. I now feel much more prepared and confident about my writing. We spent one session looking at how to go about pitching my work. Her understanding of the writing business is obvious and she offered some particularly helpful advice. 

In my opinion this mentoring scheme, especially with Maxine, is priceless.'

'Maxine Linnell is a proficient copy editor and proof reader who regularly completes freelance editorial work for Matador. Her work is always thorough and of a high quality, and she is excellent at meeting deadlines.'

Lauren Lewis, Editorial Manager of Troubador Books. 

I'm happy to discuss any project  - just email.

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