This Dust is a poetry collection published by Soundswrite Press. At its heart is a a central section with a series of poems about my son, Benn, who died suddenly in 2010, and about grief and loss. The image on the cover was made by his close friend, Ellen Stewart. 

There's a review here, from London Grip.

The book is available from Soundswrite press for £6.50 including p&p, or from Amazon. 

Marilyn Ricci's Night Rider came out at the same time,  and she and  I are available for readings...

'The immediacy with which Maxine Linnell writes about different parts of her life makes this collection compelling reading. The heart of the book is the central section, a sequence which celebrates her son and takes us through the journey of how she lived with grief after his sudden death from an epileptic seizure at the age of 37. Here is a poet who uses ordinary words with considerable skill and energy, and although she shows life at its harshest she also writes about its compensations. This Dust will speak to many people.'

Myra Schneider.