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Extracts from the review of Vintage from the School Librarian:

With the current fashion for clothes of the 1960s, this book is right 'up to date' in its detail about both time periods. What is most interesting is the contrast in the social sonventions and attitudes towards sex, family, and authority. Both girls find their new worlds both strange and oddly appealing. For Marilyn from the 1960s, the new freedoms of 2010 are exhilarating. For her counterpart Holly now living in 1962, despite initial feelings of claustrophobia, she finds she enjoys the close family ties, the valued friendships and the romance that are not so certain in her own time. 

A very compelling and thought-provoking read. 

Anne-Marie Tarter.

Holly and Marilyn would rather be anywhere but here, on this normal Friday afternoon. Then something weird happens, and they change places.

There's only one problem.

Holly lives in 2010. Marilyn lives in 1962.

Published by Five Leaves, May 2010

Listen to an extract here:

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Available as a paperback and as an e-book.